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Images and stories for the pilot of HOME: A Living ArchiveEscondido Public Library’s Living Archive series highlights the experiences and activities of contemporary Escondido society. This inaugural installment aims to facilitate conversations about origins, self-identity, and the constructions of belonging. “HOME” is the result of the collaborative efforts of Escondido Public Library’s Pioneer Room and Adult Literacy Services to establish Escondido’s own living archive. An archive can be said to be “living” when it captures the experiences, discourse, and activities of a contemporary society, all of which are needed to document our present reality and understand our shared history. The physical exhibition for "HOME: A Living Archive" was on view at the Escondido Public Library's Pioneer Room from November 2, 2017 - January 31, 2018.


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This is my pet, Joe. I bought him in 2000. I always wanted a bird in my country but I was not able to have one. Being here in Escondido, I can now have a beautiful bird to share a friendship with.

Stained-glass windows
While exploring the interesting city where I am now living, I ran across an attractive stained-glass window shop and, to my surprise, it reminded me of similar works I had done a number of years ago in my home in Lima Peru. It was good to see that…

A good place to flourish
In our backyard, when we moved to Escondido, my father planted two little trees. The guava trees were just little branches when my dad brought them. He was very sure to carefully choose the very best spot and soil, and took good care of them.…

Park at North County Fair Mall
Thirteen years ago there existed a special place for my family to visit. A beautiful park next to the North County Fair Mall. The trees, grass, rocks and pond have remained in my family’s hearts to this day, especially because this area no longer…

Bible study with Church children
I moved to Escondido in 1996. I lived there for 15 years. I currently reside in Valley Center.

I still consider Escondido my home. I belong to a loving and strong church community. I teach children’s Bible study and feel privileged to participate…

My house
In my backyard, at my house in Escondido, I planted a garden of mint. It has the same smell as the garden I have in my backyard at my other house in my home country, Syria. Every day, I pick mint leaves and eat it with my food, and recall my…

My house is in Escondido
This picture is of my house, in Escondido, and my family is very happy. We own our dream house in America.

About living in Escondido
I came to United States after a revolution in my home country, Iran. Before the revolution, my husband was working in the American embassy. The time after the revolution his life was dangerous so we had to leave the country. We left everything behind…

My first go cart
The summer of 1998 diving his first go cart, Nate discovered freedom. For a five-year-old boy who couldn’t walk, the ability to move around freely was a big deal.

Nate’s dad was beaming with pride as he watched his son’s face light up with a huge…

Family garden
When I arrived here in the U.S.A., I missed my home in Mexico so much. My mom and I liked to plant corn in a small field in Mexico. I found out about community garden in Escondido. Now, I have a small garden in that community garden, which brings a…
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